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Caloritech™ Product Catalog    
Section A - Elements & Specialty Heaters English
Section B - Immersion Heaters English
Section C - Air & Space Heaters English
Section D - Engineered Products English
Section E - Boilers & Calorifiers English
Section F - Controls & Accessories English
Transit Heaters English
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Product Series
Bolt Heater / Stud Heater IXS
Cab Heater (Calvane™, Fan-Forced Electric) RCH1
Cab Heater (Open Coil, Fan-Forced Electric) RCH2
Circulation Heaters (EXC, EXF, EXI) EX Series
Circulation Heater (Packaged) CWCB
Control Panel and Pump House Heater PXFT
Convection Heater (Heavy-Duty) BX
Duct Heaters (Commercial - Flanged and Insert) DF,DI
Duct Heater (Explosion-Proof) XDF
Duct Heaters (Process) WX Series
Enclosure Heater (Fan-Forced) PH
Flange Heaters (CXC, CXF, CXI) CX Series
Immersion Heaters (Over-the-Side - DXC, DXI, DXN, DXS, DXT) DX Series
Immersion Heater (Pipe Insert) MX
Radiant Heaters (Infrared, Comfort Heating) OKB,OKD,OKH
Radiant Heaters (Infrared, Comfort Heating)(CE Certified) OKB,OKD,OKH
Radiant Heater (Infrared, Extra High Density) OK3
Radiant Heaters (Infrared, Process Heating) OKA
Radiant Heaters (Infrared, Process Heating)(CE Certified) OKA
Radiant Heater (Infrared, Portable) OKP
Screwplug Heaters (CXC, CXF, CXI) CX Series
Strip Heater (Finned) FS
Strip Heater (Terminals at Each End) SD
Strip Heater (Terminals at One End) SS
  Tubular Heater (Formed Unfinned) IX
  Tubular Heater (Straight Unfinned) HX
  Unit Heater (Heavy-Duty) GX
  Unit Heater (Regular-Duty) GE
  Urn Heater TX
  Percentage Timer OKT
  Stuffing Box CA
  Temperature Control (High Limit) ARC
  Thermostats (Explosion-Proof) XTW,XTB
  Thermostat Installation Kit XTK
Caloritech™ Specification Sheets
Caloritech™ Specification Sheets    
Product Series
Boilers (Hot Water) HW,VW Series
Boilers (Steam) HS,VS Series
Calorifiers HC,VC Series
Circulation Heaters EX Series
Duct Heater (Explosion-Proof) XDF
Enclosure Heater (Fan-Forced) PH
Flange Heaters (CXC, CXF, CXI) CX Series
Immersion Heaters (Domestic - CXC, CXI) CX Series
Screwplug Heaters (CXC, CXF, CXI) CX Series